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International Adoption Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation is one of many steps required in the international adoption process.

Your adopting country will get details of you, your life and your personal history from your home study but will get important information regarding your mental health from your psychological evaluation.

To make sure their children are going to mentally and psychologically healthy homes,  adopting countries request a psychological assessment.

international adoption psychological evaluation

 You no doubt have questions and concerns about your evaluation just like I did when I was in the process of international adoption.

I am an adoptive parent as well. I have personally adopted two wonderful children from Haiti and I  understand the realities and difficulties of the international adoption process.

Read below to find some of the answers to the questions you might be asking yourself about your upcoming psychological evaluation.

What should I do to in preparationfor my international adoption psychologicalevaluation?

 While working through the adoption process, many adoptive parents feel anxiety, fear, and stress. These feelings, Although these feelings are difficult to face, they are completely normal in this process.

Some of reasons for these feelings are:

 1. There are professionals (social workers, psychologists, judges) who have the power to say yes or no to your dream of becoming an adoptive parent,
 2. Many personal details of your life have been exposed to strangers, and
 3. The immense amount of complicated paperwork required from international adoption.

I hope that by addressing these thoughts and feelings you can make your experience very positive. While in the journey of international adoption, you will face many successes as well as many setbacks.

As a result, it is very important to take time to relax as you keep working toward the goal of bringing home your forever child or children.

International Adoption Psychological Evaluation

These tips should make your evaluation easier:


When making an appointment for your evaluation appointment, make sure you give yourself enough time to relax before and after. Schedule a fun or enjoyable activity just before or after your appointment.


As you prepare for your evaluation, practice being yourself. Remembering your good qualities is the best plan. What are your strengths? Remember...there is no perfect individual and/or perfect parent.


Communicate with other adoptive parents who have been through this step in the adoption process. They will understand your thoughts and feelings. You can even join international adoption associations online,  if you unable to find someone locally to discuss your adoption.


Try to discuss your fears and worries openly with your spouse or even a close friend. Recognizing these fears and worries, and talking about them, can often dispel them.

 How do I make an appointment for my psychological evaluation?

If you are located in eastern Canada, you may make an appointment for your international adoption evaluation with Anne by clicking on the calendar to your right. It will take you directly to our secure appointment scheduling website.

Your international adoption psychological evaluation can be scheduled on Monday afternoons. If Monday afternoons will not work for you please contact Anne and she will do her best to accommodate you.

 Schedule your international adoption psychological evaluation with Anne Graham, Licensed Psychologist.

What will I need for my psychological evaluation?

You will need to complete your home study in order to begin your psychological evaluation. Please forward a copy of your home study to your psychologist to review when you schedule an appointment.

It is not advisable to complete your psychological evaluation before you have completed your home study. While some psychologists will allow it, the evaluation will cost much more as it will take much more time to complete.

What will  happen at my international adoption psychological evaluation?

At the beginning of the interview, there will be general information gathering and a discussion of confidentiality.

Confidentiality will be different in a psychological evaluation when compared to typical therapeutic situation. When having your evaluation, you are requesting a document to submit to other authorities and/or professionals for the purpose of adoption.

In the next step of your interview we will talk about issues that are important to you as an individual (or as a couple) and as a family. You will also be asked about your mental health, past or present mental health issues, ways you may have addressed or are addressing mental health issues, and how you see any mental health issues affecting your ability to adopt and/or parent.

In the final phase of the evaluation you will be asked to complete one or two formal tests.

What tests will be used in my international adoption psychological evaluation?

The psychological evaluation includes a formal testing process as was noted in the previous question. These are tests that are used by psychologists, have empirical study behind them, and look for potential weaknesses and strengths.

They are self-report questionnaires which will give further information on personality issues, mental health issues, and character strengths. They are not designed to trick you or make you look bad. There are no incorrect answers and should be answered as honestly as possible.

Some countries (such as the Philippines) specify what test or tests are required while some (such as Thailand or Haiti) leave the testing to the discretion of the psychologist.

How long the interview will be?

The interview will take 3 to 4 hours. The appointment will include an interview and time for formal test(s). Please make your appointment at a convenient time when you will not be pressed for time.

(As of July 2013, Anne completes adoption asessments on Monday afternoons. If this time will not work for you please contact Anne.)

How long will it take to get the final copy of the evaluation?

Once your interview and testing are completed, it will take two to three weeks for your international adoption psychological evaluation to be completed.

How do I make payment for my international adoption evaluation?

You may pay for your evaluation prior to your appointment or on the day of your interview process.

You may pay with cash, cheque, or you can use PayPal by clicking here and selecting option #3.

Adoption assessments vary in price from $800 to $1200 depending on the requirements of the adopting country.

After making payment by PayPal, you will instantly receive a PayPal invoice for your records. Anne will then send you an official invoice asap by email in PDF format.

You will receive a copy of your psychological assessment once it has been paid for in full.

Where can I get my assessment translated?

There are many countries that require all of your documents to be translated into the primary language of that country.

Your psychological assessment will be written in English and it will be your responsibility (or your agency's responsibility) to have it translated.

There are many excellent translators and you may be surprised at how inexpensive it can be.

Some excellent and inexpensive translation services can be found at connects those who need a project completed with those who need employment. It is worldwide.

Freelancer can be used short term and is free to post a project.


Click or the logo above.

Click the "Hire" button.


Select "Writing"

Select "Translate Something"

Click "Post Your Project Free" button

On the next page you will need to create a user name and password.

You will also need to fill in your project details and click "Post Project Now".

Be sure to specify what you need, your budget and your time frame. Most translation projects  

Click here to see the current translation projects on Freelancer that are being bid on or completed right now to give you ideas for wording your project.

For help watch this video...

There is absolutely no cost to submit a project. After submitting your project you will receive many proposals from many different folks around the world. It is best if you can find someone in your adopting country to do your translating as languages vary from country to country.

When you find a proposal you like, you can then accept it. Your virtual worker will complete your project. You will not pay anything until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Expect to pay between $.02 and $.08 per word compared to the about $.20 plus you will pay in Canada or USA. Payments are usually made thru PayPal.

You can always tip your virtual assitant upon completion of the project to show your appreciation.

Freelancer will take a percentage as their fee when you make payment to your worker.

Other Translation Options:

  1. Check your local yellow pages for translation services.
  2. Go to Google and search "English to ??? translation" to find suitable translation services.
  3. Ask the orphanage who most adoptive parents use for translation.

What about notarization?

Most countries require the international adoption psychological assessment be notarized. This can be done by a local lawyer. Many lawyers do not charge for such a service once they find out what you need the notarizing for.

international adoption psychological evaluation