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Directions to Anne Graham's Office from Moncton, NB Print this page

Coming from Moncton:

  1. While travelling west on Highway 1, take exit #192 and turn right onto Riverview Drive (heading east) at the stop sign.
  2. Drive about 250 meters and turn left onto Route 121 (heading west) at stop sign.
  3. Travel another 350 meters and turn left to stay on Route 121 (still heading west) at the stop sign.
  4. Follow this route for 5.3 km and turn right onto Route 880.

Anne's office is the first driveway on your right

Map of Anne's Office

Anne's practice is located at:

78 Route 880
Apohaqui, NB
E5P 3G2

at the corner of Route 121 and Route 880, in an office of the Atlantic Community Church.

The door to Anne's office is at the far right (toward Route 121) when standing in the parking lot.

Enter door, take stairs (on your left) to the second floor. Anne's waiting room is the second door on your right at the top of the stairs.

If you have any trouble please call Anne at 434-5159 or email